Inlaid Zircon Brass Necklace

By Trendsi

  • Pieces: 1-piece
  • Material: Rhodium-plated, 18K gold-plated, Brass, Zircon
  • Care instructions:

1. Use a soft cloth to wipe. After each wear, you can use a soft cloth to wipe.

2. Avoid contact with water, as prolonged exposure to moisture can cause discoloration.

3. Store properly. If not wearing the jewelry for a long time, it is recommended to store it properly to avoid prolonged exposure to air, which can cause oxidation., Avoid wearing during exercise, as sweat will react with the jewelry to produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, which causes the jewelry to deteriorate and corrode over time.

  • Imported
  • Product measurements:
    One Size

Style A/B: Chain length 17.7 in, Extension chain length 2 in, Weight 0.2 oz (5 g)

Style C: Chain length 15.7 in, Extension chain length 2 in, Weight 0.4 oz (10 g)

Style D: Chain length 15.7 in, Extension chain length 2 in, Weight 0.4 oz (6 g)


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